About Us

Troop 244 is an active troop that has enjoyed continued growth.  We love the outdoors and serving our community.  We offer at least one outdoor outing every month which may be "car-camping" or backpacking. Our troop meetings are Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 at St. Pius X School. Our scouts enjoy participating in outdoor events, community service, fun and games, skills training and challenges, fellowship and much more. We welcome new scouts and boys of any faith. If you are considering joining us, come see us in action on a Tuesday night.  We'd love to meet you!

What are the benefits:

 Scouting is not only about advancement in rank and completing merit badges. The goals of Scouting and Troop 244 are:

  • Character Development
  • Citizenship training and Opportunities (Good Turns)
  • Personal Mental, Physical and Emotional Fitness
  • Leadership experience

In a culture of screens and instant gratification the world of Scouting will instill the following in a young man: team work, loyalty, reverence, patriotism, self-reliance, preparedness, a servant's heart and respect for self and others.  Especially after the first year, Troop 244 Scouts become increasingly self-reliant and self-driven to reach their goals in Scouting. They will finish an active Scout experience with hands on and proven leadership skills to make positive contributions to their families, communities and nation.

Troop 244 First Year Program (FYP):

Troop 244 FYP is designed for New Scouts to experience and learn the basics of camping, the outdoors, and working together through the Patrol Method of the Scouting program.  Cub Scouts cross over from the Pack to the Troop in March of their 5th grade year. Those new to Scouting may join at anytime. Participation in Cub Scouts is not required to join Scouting nor do you have to attend St Pius X School or Church to join Troop 244.

All interested Scouts are welcome, and we encourage those interested to consider giving Scouting a try. Troop 244 also understands potential Scouts may have commitments with athletics, school academics, clubs or activities, or enrichment programs. Troop 244 will work with Scouts with seasonal attendance issues due to other commitments, however please note some Scout activates may have limited availability and or only be offered by the Troop at certain times throughout the year. Potential and active Scouts should consider the rate at which they wish to advance when choosing activities for participation.

What is Required:

1.  New Scouts are strongly encouraged to attend Summer Camp in July of their first year with the Troop.  They will be placed in a First Year Scout Patrol and complete many of the requirements for the progressive ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class during summer camp and the first year of Scouting. Scouting sets a "target" that every Scout reach First Class. The troop's goal is to offer the Scout the resources (meetings, summer camp and outings) needed to reach Second Class within the first year. Those Scouts with solid participation often achieve First Class within the first two years. 

2.  The Scout is expected to attend weekly Troop Meetings, currently Tuesday nights 6:30-8:00 PM and monthly outings/camping trips. To be considered an "active" scout attendance must be 50-75% of Troop meetings through the year and 50% or more of outings/camp-outs. At least three years of Summer Camp are recommended, although many Scouts will attend Summer Camp every year during their Scouting career.

Troop 244 understands potential Scouts may be active in athletics, band, school academic programs, and other enrichment programs and encourage those interested to consider giving Scouting a try. Troop 244 will work with Scouts with seasonal attendance issues due to other commitments, however please note some activates may have limited availability and or only be offered by the Troop at certain times throughout the year. Potential and active Scouts should consider the rate at which they wish to advance when choosing activities to participate in.

3.  Parental involvement is required for a successful Scouting experience.  Parents are required to attend (2) outings or events per year and serve the Troop as volunteers on these outings and assist leadership as needed.  Parents are required to drive their Scouts to and from outings unless prior car pooling arrangements have been made. Parents are invited to sit in on Troop Committee Meetings and are encouraged to inquire about becoming trained leaders, committee members and volunteers.

We are fortunate to have a number of great volunteers and adult leaders. All contact information is available on the troop website under “Troop Roster”. Below are a few of the individuals who provide support to our scouts and assist with registering volunteers.

  • Jennifer Johnston-Kerns, Advancement Chair
  • Denny Kerns, First Year Scoutmaster
  • Greg Pendergrass, Membership Chair
  • Jim Schiermeyer, Committee Chair
  • Chris Romanyszyn, Treasurer

Speaking of volunteers, we are always looking for adults to help with events, instruct merit badges, assist with troop logistics, sit on committee and more. If you are interested do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to working together and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Note: Parents who volunteer to work with youth are asked to complete BSA Youth Protection Training and the Catholic Diocese's Protecting God's Children program.

4.  The Scout must follow the Troop Conduct Policy.  Simply stated, the Scout must live by the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Note: Use of electronic devices, including cell phones, is not permitted during Troop meetings, events or outings without prior approval.

5.  2021/2022 Annual Dues: $90 by Dec. 15th a payment plan of $45 by Nov 1 and $45 by Jan 15th is also available*

*Financial assistance may be available for qualified candidates

Dues may be paid by utilizing the PayPal "Send to Friends" instructions below. This method avoids transaction fees associated with PayPal payments directed towards for profit vendors who utilize their service.

• Navigate to the PayPal home page at https://www.paypal.com
• Login to your account
• Select "Pay and Get Paid" in the header
• Select “Make Payments" and "Send Money” in the drop-down menu
• Enter the Troop PayPal email: treasurer@greensboro244.mytroop.us

• Enter the “Amount you Wish to Pay” AND select "Send to Friends" (selecting this option avoids fees being charged to the Troop AND "Send Money With" (select the most appropriate payment method.

• Please complete the "Add a Note" section with your Scout’s name and event details so our Treasurer knows how to apply payment.
• Review the summary to confirm payment details including any applicable fees prior to selecting, "Send Payment Now".

6. Uniform: it is the Scout’s responsibility to acquire a Boy Scout Handbook and their official BSA Class A field uniform shirt (tan), along with needed patches and olive shorts or long sleeve pants (approx cost $ 65). The local scout store is a great resource for these items. Scouts are required to wear their Class A uniform to all meetings and events.

Please note we welcome all new First Year scouts into our unit by providing the following Troop 244 gear once dues are paid in full. (1) baseball cap, (1) piece “244” numbers patch, (2) shoulder loops for his Class A uniform, (1) short sleeve and (1) long sleeve Class B Troop T-shirt. Additional Class B shirts and other gear may be purchased online in our troop store.

7. Communication: the Troop 244 SOAR website, https://greensboro244.mytroop.us/home is a great resource for our troop and is the hub for most scouting activities and communication and includes the areas below. The Troop website has both public and restricted areas. Usernames and passwords are provided upon receipt of a completed Youth Application and payment of annual dues.

  • troop communication
  • calendar of activities/events
  • registration for events and any payments needed
  • troop roster of scouts, patrols, scout and adult leadership with contact information
  • scout and parent resources for camping, cooking, backpacking and other
  • troop store
  • advancement resources

We look forward to working with all prospective scouts and their families. Please let us know if you have any questions. 


Jennifer Johnston

Troop 244 Scoutmaster



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